Alessa Hale

Alessa Hale’s love lies in dark and erotic romances. With over a decade experience in writing short, spicy stories, she has always enjoyed using fiction to explore searing character dynamics and unconventional desires.Her debut full-length novel, Darkest Desires, is a polyamorous dark paranormal romance, featuring two morally grey and very kinky demon MMCs. Now available on Amazon Kindle Unlimited!

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Darkest Desires

“Never meet your heroes.” Sure. I’ve heard people say that before. “Never meet your heroes because they might turn out to be actual demons” is new.Elias and Caelan.They're the gorgeous rockstar duo behind the concept band Goëtica. Performing as their demon “personas”, they are powerful, dangerous, and captivating... they act the part perfectly.Except it’s far more than an act—Shannon learns that the hard way when her infatuation with them leads to a chance encounter.They are demons.And they want to spend the night with her.Caelan is impulsive, reckless, and exhilarating, with a sadistic streak and penchant for knives. Elias, the walking embodiment of tall, dark, and handsome, with a filthy silver tongue that could leave anyone weak at the knees.They’re completely out of Shannon’s league, but one mind-blowing encounter and she’s already addicted to them.But fraternizing with demons is a dangerous game to play. They’re morally grey at best. Their pasts are littered with corpses. And their tastes in the bedroom—the things they want to do to Shannon—are twisted, sadistic, dominating… and sinfully tempting. Yet even if she submits to their darkest desires, can Shannon truly have a future with them? Or will their darker natures cost her everything?Darkest Desires is a standalone dark romance with heavy kink content and scenes that may be distressing for some readers. Intended for mature audiences only.


Caelan is the wild card. He's volatile, impulsive, reckless... and exceptionally exhilarating. One thing is for sure, there is never a dull moment when Caelan is around.In his early days as a true demon, he was a malicious entity who thrived on causing pain and bloodshed. He's calmed down a lot since being stuck in human form, and with some help from Elias. A wickedly cruel, black sense of humor and a penchant for threatening violence at the drop of a hat still remain, but don't mind him. He's more bark than bite. He's even a little sweet, sometimes, but don't let him hear you say that.Caelan has a whole lot of attitude—he's hot shit and he knows it—and an equal serving of hiding his vulnerabilities beneath it. He's slow to open up, and slow to admit he cares, but he'll defend the people important to him to the death.Then, of course, there's his sadistic streak and dark inclinations in the bedroom. Knife play is a huge thing for Caelan and you will see that come up throughout, as well as blood play alongside it. He's the one who will literally carve his name into you, then fuck you like an animal while the blood runs down your back. If you're into that.

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Elias is the control to Caelan's chaos. And, oh, is he all about dominance and control. Elias is a walking embodiment of tall, dark, and handsome—emphasis on the dark. Though shackled in human form, he still retains a lot of his power to control dark energies and shadow in a twisted form of black magic.Elias is charming and charismatic, with a voice that will make you weak at the knees. He can make anyone do anything for him and would manipulate them for his own ends—once. He tries not to do so now, but old habits die hard.Nevertheless, he still finds it extremely gratifying to have a partner who will willingly and enthusiastically give themselves to him. He craves their submission. He craves ownership of them. And his possessiveness can prove quite the beast.Elias maintains an appearance of being conscientious and in control a lot of the time, but get him in the bedroom and those darker desires are waiting just beneath the surface.

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Content Warnings

Darkest Desires is a high spice, high kink, standalone dark romance "lite".While containing familiar dark romance elements and darker kinks that should be treated with due caution, the overall story is more of an easy, character- and spice-driven read without any major heavy themes at the forefront. HEA.Please be aware that this story may still contain content distressing to some readers. This includes a heavy emphasis on knife play, blood play, scarification, BDSM, and D/s dynamics throughout. All kinks are fully negotiated, consensual, and enthusiastic. There are also explicit sexual scenes throughout, profanity, mild descriptions of violence, ideation of violence, mentions of mental illness, and minor allusions to past self-harm.Full content details are available below.

Tropes & Content

‣ Polyamorous MMF triad, including threesomes, MF, and MM scenes
‣ Rockstar/groupie style one night stand, leading to relationship
‣ Morally grey demon MMCs
‣ Minor non-human traits and abilities
‣ Casual ideation of violence and murder (current)
‣ Mentions of actual violence, murder, and gore (past)
‣ Unhealthy possessiveness
‣ Accidental injury
‣ Life-threatening injury (non-realistic; based in fantasy elements)
‣ Alcohol use
‣ Mentions of past self-harm
‣ Mentions of depression
‣ Insecurity/self-worth issues
‣ Demon metaphysics
‣ Soul bonds (unintentional, not usual or a positive thing in this setting)
‣ Mentioned age gap (non-realistic; FMC is 26, MMCs are supernatural beings for whom age doesn't have meaning)


‣ Knife play
‣ Blood play
‣ Scarification as a mark of ownership
‣ Fully consensual BDSM scenes
‣ Kink negotiation
‣ D/s dynamics throughout
‣ Rough sex
‣ Claiming
‣ Collaring
‣ Breath play/choking
‣ Impact play (spanking, riding crop)
‣ Rope bondage, including partial suspension
‣ Blindfolds
‣ Sex toys
‣ Rough play/playfighting
‣ Unprotected sex
‣ Dirty talk
‣ Degradation and praise
‣ Drunk sex
‣ Double penetration (🐱&🍑)
‣ Penetration train
‣ Exhibitionism (within triad)
‣ Subspace

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